MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus finally get an appointment letter | WATCH


Comedian, Mr Funny also known as Sabinus has finally gotten a job or rather, ‘close to’ getting a job in his latest comedy skit titled, “Sabinus finally get an appointment letter.”

Sabinus was in the reception with a lady while waiting to called by his interviewer for his interview. Shortly after, he got his turn and went in.

The comedian greeted the interviewer and said, “Sir, I came for the interview. I said let me try again. You know there is no harm in trial.”

The interviewer claimed he was in a good mood and Mr Funny thanked God for that. The interviewer said, “You have been consistent in search of this job in this office. I want to give you an opportunity today.”

The interviewer requested for his CV, asked him a couple of questions and granted him the job.

After getting his appointment letter, Sabinus was ecstatic and promptly excused himself.

Sabinus went to the restroom to make a call to his friend, Edu revealing his plans to steal heavily from the company since he is now their financial manager.

Watch how the interviewer found out.


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