BRAIN JOTTER LATEST COMEDY: The fastest way to understand maths | WATCH


Popular skit maker and content creator, Brain Jotter has revealed the easiest and fastest way to understand maths in his latest comedy.

Brain Jotter becomes a teacher via National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) program in a school as their maths teacher.

The comedian walks in and out of his assigned class twice, confusing his students as they stood up to greet over and over again.

He then walks in the final time and while the students stood up to greet, he asked them to tear a sheet of paper.

One of the students queried him by stating that they don’t even know his name or the subject he is taking.

Afterwards, the principal walked in and introduced him as their new maths teacher.

The comic act noted that they do not need to worry as they will know him soon.

He introduced himself and stated his goal in the school. Brain Jotter noted that his goal was to aid all students graduate with flying colors.

“I will make sure you go outside and become human beings in life,” he added.

The class began and Brain Jotter ended up throwing the entire class into utter confusion.


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