MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus the Guarantor | WATCH


Mr. Funny’s also known as Oga Sabinus has released another epic comedy. In his latest comedy, the popular skit maker stands in as a Guarantor for his friend to get a job.

Sabinus brought his friend to a company to seek employment. According to him, he has been rejected severally by the interviewer so he decided to bring someone else for the job.

The comic act approved of the lady with all confidence and vowed to stand by her if anything goes wrong along the line.

He also referred to himself as the “cornerstone” that would turn out to become the biggest stone but most likely, not in the company.

The comedian also stated that he has observed that the interviewer likes women, so that’s why he decided to bring in a female friend.

The interviewer then said the part he appreciates the most in all Sabinus have said was the where he said he can stand for her at any point.

Sabinus re-affirmed that the lady is someone he can vouch for.

Turns out the interviewer knows the lady. He asked if she remembers him and she went on to apologize to the surprise of Sabinus.

Mr. Funny also joined in the apology. Afterwards, the interviewer called the police and Sabinus told his friend, the lady, that the police was there to arrest somebody as he didn’t really understand what was going on.

The interviewer reminded the police that he reported a case of missing gold and wallet, and they confirmed.

Immediately afterwards, the lady confessed she was the one that stole the gold and wallet to the surprise of Sabinus.

The comedian immediately denied knowing the lady as much as he claimed earlier.

It all ended in tears for Sabinus as the interviewer ordered the arrest of both them.


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