MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Oga Sabinus goes to church | WATCH


In Mr. Funny also known as Oga Sabinus’ latest comedy, the popular skit comedian visited a new church.

The minister in charge asked the church members to dance like a “mad man in the spirit.” After the dancing session was over, the minister asked the new timers to stand to their feet for recognition.

At first, Sabinus was reluctant until he saw the variety of food that was brought. He then stood up and was recognized.

Sabinus was asked to wait after the service to meet the senior pastor. After the service was over, he waited and different members of the church came to regard him at different intervals.

The comic act waited till 4:00pm but everyone that kept coming, he mistook for the senior pastor. Sabinus was just eager to devour the food before him.

The senior pastor finally arrived at 6:35pm, a prayer session commenced. After the session, he asked if he could eat and the pastor gave him the go ahead.

He was about to begin when a member of the church arrived and took it from him claiming the food was for the children session. When the package for the adults arrived and was given to him, it turned out to be a Holy Bible.

It all ended in tears for Oga Sabinus as always.


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