MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus goes on a rice mission | WATCH


Mr Funny also known as Sabinus, a popular skit maker in his latest comedy goes on a rice mission.

Sabinus was driving by when he saw a lot of people running out of a building with different food items like soft drinks and bags of rice.

It was said by a man Sabinus stopped to inquire what was going on that workers came to the location for a peaceful protest which erupted into a severe riot, causing the police men on duty to to flee.

The man also confirmed that he already took a bag of rice and only came back to take some soft drinks.

On hearing this, Sabinus dropped from the vehicle he came with and decided to get some bag of rice for himself.

The comedian successfully took the first one and kept it in the trunk of the car.

He went in to get another one and came back to find that his car has been stolen.

Sabinus ended up loosing everything including his boss’ car to gain absolutely nothing.


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