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Box Office: ‘Evil Dead Rise’ becomes the franchise’s Highest Grossing film globally


Evil Dead Rise is the most lucrative entry in the Evil Dead franchise. The highest-grossing entry in the franchise has amassed over $100 million worldwide.

The movie is anticipated to earn an additional $5.6 million at the US box office this weekend, bringing its total to about $54 million, according to Collider.

The global total rises to well than $100 million when foreign ticket purchases are taken into account. As a result of that achievement, Evil Dead Rise has now earned more money than any other film in the franchise, breaking the previous record of $97 million held by the 2013 reboot.

Evil Dead Rise’s low $20 million production cost makes it all the more worthwhile to release the movie solely in theaters rather than stream it on HBO Max.

The original Evil Dead films are now, of course, regarded as cult masterpieces and continue to generate enormous profits from home video releases and other merchandise.

Accordingly, the 1981 film The Evil Dead made roughly $29 million globally, whereas the sequel, The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, only made about $6 million. Army of Darkness, the third film, was released in 1992 and brought in about $21.5 million globally.

The 2013 revival made just over $54 million domestically, with a worldwide haul of $97 million; this weekend, Evil Dead Rise is expected to exceed that amount.

Both critics and viewers have generally praised the movie. Given how frequently critics loathe horror movies, it has an 84% certified fresh rating, which is always a bonus, and its audience score isn’t too far behind at 77%.

The ratings are noticeably higher than those of 2013’s Evil Dead, which received a 63% audience score and a 64% approval rating. Evil Dead 2 is at 88% and 89%, followed by Army of Darkness at 69% and 87%, while the first movie is at 85% and 84%.

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