“He has everything I want in a man” – Lady in love with her brother cries out, seeks advice

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A 23-year-old lady has turned to the internet for advice over her intense attraction and love for her younger brother.

In order to receive guidance on how to handle her seemingly inappropriate thoughts, the lady had posted about her situation on social media anonymously.

The lady claims that her brother has all the qualities she looks for in a man and that as a result, she has found herself drawn to him.

She added that whenever she sees her brother with another woman, she gets envious.

She wrote;

“Good evening, l am 23, and I have a junior brother who is 20. He is calm, caring and handsome. He has everything I want in a man. I get jealous when ever I see him with another girl. And I don’t have a boyfriend either. Am so sorry to say, I really love him. What should I do?”

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