Nigerian skit maker, Mr Macaroni, aka Daddy Wa has released another comedy skit titled, “The Saga” featuring former Big Brother Naija housemate, Saga.

In the opening scene, Daddy Wa walked into a boutique alongside Mummy Wa, complaining to her about bring him to an expensive boutique to buy designers when there are other places like Balogun market.

Mummy Wa replied by reminding Daddy Wa that he is the one that has always wanted her to put on designers.

Mummy Wa left him to go pick some designers for herself. Mr Macaroni then sighted one of his “freaky freaky” with Saga BBN inside the same boutique.

The comedian went to her and confronted her for cheating on him. The lady, who he called Bewaji replied by asking him if they were dating because she is not his girlfriend.

Daddy Wa then said,“But you are collecting money from me. You are billing me all the time and I’m giving you money and you refused to give me sugar.”

“Okay, if you’re not my girlfriend, what are you?,” he asked.

Bewaji replied, “I’m your deposit box now.”

“But wait, Daddy Wa. You are very shameless. Do you know that? You don’t have any iota of shame. Didn’t you just walk in with your wife? You are now telling me I am cheating on you,” Bewaji added.

She acted as if she was going to call Mummy Wa and Daddy Wa asked her to stop. When Saga BBN asked what was going on, they both said “nothing.”

Watch how Daddy Wa bought clothes worth N7.5 million for Mummy Wa to spite Bewaji and Saga BBN after which he found out that Saga BBN owned the boutique.


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