Popular comedian and actor, Broda Shaggi has released a new comedy skit titled, “Toast LAPI” featuring his colleague Romeo.

Broda Shaggi was in a taxi when the driver warned his passenger that he is from Ibadan and he has told them he doesn’t have change.

A lady from behind replied by saying she wasn’t aware when the driver issued the warning and it is N1000 that is with her.

Immediately, the driver immediately stopped the car, opened her door and asked her to come down from the vehicle.

An altercation ensued between the driver and the lady. Broda Shaggi was screaming from inside the vehicle, pleading with the driver to hurry up as there’s somewhere he has to be.

The person waiting for the comedian called and he answered the phone. The caller asked where he was as he has been waiting for him .

The comic act promised he will be with him in two minutes and his laptop is already with him. The caller replied,

“Which stupid two minutes. Shut up please. I have been waiting for you for over two hours. What’s all this now? I have presentation today. Everything is on that laptop. Bring me my laptop please.”

The comedian advised him to go for the presentation, inform him where the location and he will bring it to him there before he concludes his presentation.

The call ended after much pleading and Broda Shaggi asked Romeo, another passenger who was seated behind, if he is not bothered or in a hurry.

Romeo replied, “I no dey hurry o. Na who dey alive nain dey drink 5 alive.”

The long altercation ended after Broda Shaggi agreed to pay for the other two passengers and the journey continued.

When Broda Shaggi finally got to his destination, he reached out to his bag and brought a toaster out instead of an apple laptop. The laptop was stolen.


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