BRODA SHAGGI LATEST COMEDY: First Job featuring Sandra Okunzuwa | WATCH


Nigerian comedian, Broda Shaggi has released a new comedy skit featuring Nollywood actress, Sandra Okunzuwa titled, “First Job.”

Broda Shaggi was hired by the actress’ husband to come to the house to apply for the job of a driver and house help.

The comic act while waiting for Sandra was trying to interact with her son, Jade who turned out to be disrespectful to him.

In an effort to get Jade ready for school, the actress went downstairs and called his name while looking for him. She asked him to retrieve his school bag when she saw him in the living room, but he refused and shrugged.

The angry comedian scolded Jade to get up and go get his school bag after which Sandra asked;

“Who are you to talk to my son? Did I tell you I don’t know how to talk to him?”

Broda Shaggi in his reply noted that it is important to discipline children while they are still young.

Afterwards, she instructed him to focus on his reason for coming and leave her son alone.

He apologized and introduced himself as the driver her husband sent. She then inquired as to his driving prowess.

Broda Shaggi acknowledged that he has excellent driving skills and was nicknamed “Hard Drive” in secondary school.

Sandra then ordered him to warm the car and asked if he could iron her dress as she was in a hurry to go out.

Shaggi picked up the dress and began ironing it as he thanked God for giving him a job.

However, Broda Shaggi got distracted by Jade which made him accidentally burned the dress.


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