BRODA SHAGGI LATEST COMEDY: Iphone 11 for N2,500 featuring Kiriku | WATCH


Nigerian comedian and actor, Broda Shaggi features colleague, Kiriku in his latest comedy skit.

Broda Shaggi and Kiriku were begging on the street while singing and dancing. A lady approaches them and asked; ” What is wrong with this little boy? Why are you begging on the street? What is wrong with him?”

Broda Shaggi said a lot is wrong with him and that it’s a long story.

The comedian said he didn’t want to go into details as he believes the lady is going to be moved to tears by his story.

The actor confirmed that his colleague, Kiriku who was putting on shades was born blind. He also revealed that on Kiriku’s first birthday, he became crippled as he was about to cut his birthday cake.

The lady was going to touch Kiriku when Broda Shaggi stopped her and told she will die after 3 days if she touches him.

The comic act went back to begging as he told the lady nothing is too small.

Not long after, a man came with a police man asking him to arrest Kiriku.

Broda Shaggi asked to talk to Kiriku first before his arrest. Kiriku then confirmed that he sold an Iphone 11 to the man for N2,500.


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