MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Barrister Sabinus goes to court | WATCH


Popular comedian, Mr Funny also known as Sabinus has released a new comedy skit titled, “Barrister Sabinus goes to court.”

Sabinus was standing by the roadside when a passerby inquired about a Lawyer that lives on that street.

He claimed to have a serious case, but the lawyer he sought charged him N4 million.

On hearing the amount, the comedian immediately reverted to English while quoting from what he called “The Constitution.”

He noted that he was amongst those that wrote the constitution. Sabinus added that it is against the law to inquire of a Lawyer from a Lawyer.

When asked if he is a Lawyer, he affirmed. Sabinus noted that he is also waiting for the same Lawyer that charged him N4 million. He added other “not so true” quotes from the constitution as a means of pleasing the man.

The man said he is not ready for unnecessary grammar as he is tired of the said case and ready to pay the amount.

Mr Funny informed him that he will take the case for N1 million and all he needs is the location. The man informed him that it will be taking place at Federal High Court, Abuja and they both promptly departed for Abuja.

Things took a bad turn as Barrister Sabinus arrived the court and stood in the accused box until the judge gave his judgement.


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