BRAIN JOTTER LATEST COMEDY: How women use Maths Equations | WATCH


Nigerian comedian, Brain Jotter has taught his students “How women use maths equations” in his latest classroom comedy skit.

The class greeted Brain Jotter in the first scene, after which he informed them that one of the students reported him to the principal that he is teaching ‘rubbish.’ He said;

“Okay, some of you went to report to the principal that I am teaching you rubbish. Like, I am teaching you actual nonsense. Trust me, it is a very good thing.”

The comedian also commended the students sarcastically for reporting. He told the pupils that it is perfectly okay to submit a report anytime they don’t understand what the teacher is explaining.

The student who reported to the principal then identified herself after Brain Jotter said he is very happy with whoever reported him. The student explained her reason for reporting to the principal. She said;

“Sir, I am actually the one that reported. Because that last class, you didn’t teach us well and I just wanted her to know we need to do better.”

The comedian requested the class to applaud her and gave the class captain instructions to write down her name.

He then moved on to the day’s lesson, which covered the concept of “Greater than, Less than, and Equals to.” Immediately after writing the topic on the whiteboard, he asked if the class understood and they all replied “No”.

The comic act got angry, asking the students what’s there not to understand and assuring them they don’t need it in life.

After the students protested, he agreed to explain further.

Brain Jotter carried on with the class, explaining how women use “Greater than, Less than and Equals to” in a dramatic fashion.


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