KIE KIE LATEST COMEDY: Tailor Oran – The Home Service | WATCH


Popular Nigerian skit maker and content creator Kie Kie renders home service alongside her friend, Fadekemi to Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo in her latest comedy skit.

Kie Kie, who is also known as Tailor Oran, visits Iyabo Ojo to deliver two dresses she made for the actress so she could try them on.

The comedian complained to her friend Fadekemi that they underpaid Iyabo Ojo for the dress she made because of how lovely the house was.

Iyabo Ojo tried on the first outfit, wore it into the living room, and commended Kie Kie for her hard work.

Kie Kie and Fadekemi became quite ecstatic. Tailor Oran complimented herself for a job well done.

Kie Kie said: “Ma, this particular fabric, I ordered it specially for you from Belgium.”

Iyabo Ojo agreed and called her house maid, Tola and asked her to entertain Kie Kie and Fadekemi very well and entertain them with whatever they wish to eat.

She also asked them to feel at home as the house is also theirs. The actress promised to increase Kie Kie’s payment after she tries the second dress and likes it.

Kie Kie and her friend thanked the actress and reassured her she would like the second dress.

They both hailed Tola and ordered for a cold champagne. Tola brought some snacks and a bottle of champagne.

They noticed two plates of rice on the dining room table as they were eating. Fadekemi claimed that she wouldn’t be content with the snacks and would much rather eat the rice.

Kie Kie advised Fadekemi to exercise self-control since what she was about to do was bad.

Kie Kie eventually consented after Fadekemi reminded her that they were urged to feel at home.

Everything took a drastic turn for the worse after Kie Kie and her friend ate the food.


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