MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus and everyday problem | WATCH


Popular skit maker, Mr Funny, aka Sabinus has dropped a compilation of two videos where he ended up being in trouble titled, “Sabinus and everyday problem.”

It is no longer news that Sabinus is very fond of landing in trouble in most of his comedy skits, majority of which comes from his lust for women.

In one of the two videos, the comedian saw a lady and decided to go after her even though she advised him to go home and rest.

The comedian persisted in pursuing the woman despite her continued disregard for him, until a young boy raced out of a house, grabbed him, and asked Sabinus to help him.

The child fled the house as his mother whipped him for ignoring house chores.

After his mother was done explaining to Sabinus, who claimed to be a Human Right Activist, he tried settling the problem but it landed him in a much bigger problem.

In his second video, watch how Mr Funny almost became a millionaire.


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