MR MACARONI LATEST COMEDY: Expensive Play featuring Erekere | WATCH


Renowned comedian, Mr Macaroni also known as Daddy Wa’s daughter, Motunde has brought home another man she wishes to marry in his latest comedy skit titled, “Expensive Play.”

In the opening scene, Erekere, Motunde’s new man was seated in the sitting room while waiting for her and Daddy Wa.

Mr Macaroni then arrived with Motunde and she introduced Erekere as her “baby boy.”

The comedian was immediately let down by Erekere’s unkempt appearance.

Mr Macaroni questioned himself saying; “Why are my enemies running four hundred meters senior boys relay race on my head? Who did I offend?”

When Erekere asked what was going on, Daddy Wa blasted him while scolding Motunde, stating that “this must be a bad joke.”

He further questioned Motunde, asking who Motunde brought home with more abusive words.

She replied; “This is the person I want to marry.” She told him to merely have an open mind when Mr. Macaroni questioned why Motunde would want to marry a man like him.

Daddy Wa decided to ask Erekere what he does for a living, and you will be astounded as he exhibits his craft.


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