JOSH2FUNNY LATEST AUDITION COMEDY: The scariest people in the world | WATCH


Nigerian comedian, Josh2funny is here again with another audition comedy where he and his partner proves to be the “scariest people in the world.”

Josh2funny and his unnamed partner made an entrance by running to the audition stage, wearing face masks and making strange noises.

The judges, who were thrown in a state of confusion asked them what their weird entrance was supposed to mean.

The comedian said; “We are scary people, we scare people, make people fear for a living.”

One of the judges noted that there was nothing scary in what the both of them were doing.

They urged him to be patient and promised him that he will be scared when they are done.

Josh2funny and his partner also narrated how they both kicked off their career of scaring people.

You wouldn’t need to guess how the audition all played out in the end.


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