JOSH2FUNNY LATEST AUDITION COMEDY: Things got really bad after they performed | WATCH


Popular comedian, Josh2Funny has released another hilarious audition comedy which he titled “things really got bad after they performed.”

The comedian and his co-performer, sister Agnes approached the stage and asked the judges how they were.

One of the judges replied; “Young man, courtesy demands that when you step into a place, you greet as a sign of respect.”

Josh2Funny replied by saying his God is not a respecter of any man.

When one of the judges addressed them as ‘rude’ for not greeting, the comic act responded that he and sister Agnes came to bless their life so they are supposed to be the ones to greet and respect him.

The judges then pleaded with them to turn around to see the sign behind them.

Josh2Funny declined as he informs his co-performer that she might turn into a ‘pillar of salt’ just like Lot’s wife in the Bible.

After confirming that they were guest ministers, the judges gave them room to perform.

The comedian then claimed he will be performing a song by ‘whitnening ostrich’ titled, I will always love you.

The judges asked in confusion who the said artist was before realizing they actually meant Whitney Houston, the late American singer.

See how Josh2funny and sister Agnes performed in the latest audition comedy.


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