MC LIVELY LATEST COMEDY: Agent Hell (Private Investigator) | WATCH


The phenomenal Private Investigator, MC Lively also known as Agent Hell attempts a case of suspected cheating in his latest comedy skit.

The renowned comic act, MC Lively was consulted by a man to help in investigating his girlfriend as he suspects her of cheating.

When asked by the unidentified man if he was Agent Hell, he confirmed while describing himself with different names.

He said: “Yes I am he. Agent Hell, the hell bringer, Tomenter of Nations. One blow, seven die.”

Immediately afterward, the man started crying and hugged MC Lively.

The comedian asked why he is crying. He replied; “I have been looking everywhere for you.”

He also stated that he needed Agent Hell and he has a job for him. He also revealed that he is suspecting his wife of cheating on him.

Agent Hell immediately brought out the two guns he named ‘Taiwo and Kehinde’ and asked him to choose one.

The man confessed to loving her and that he doesn’t want to hurt her as he is not confirming that she is cheating but only suspecting her.

He said whenever he travels on business trip, his wife sends all domestic staff home against their will and it is suspicious.

He needed Agent Hell to find out if she cheats. The comedian replied by stating that these kinds of cases were beneath him.

Agent Hell later took the case after an offer of N5 million was made.

Watch how Agent Hell carried out his investigation in this hilarious comedy skit.


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