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The new release “Citadel” is now available on Amazon, and it’s as exciting as can be expected.

Amazon has placed a rather enormous wager on “Citadel.” According to reports, the streaming behemoth spent $300 million on the Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas series. That exceeds the vast majority of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters.

There is certainly no shortage of espionage spy thrillers on TV these days, with Citadel, the most recent entry in the category, available on Prime Video. What distinguishes this tale from others, then? Its style, to put it succinctly.

Citadel can surely afford to be as stylish and seductive as it wants to be, and with two leads like Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, how could it not be? Citadel is the second-most costly TV series ever made.


What are some of the audience’s review of the Citadel series? Let’s find out below:

One Nikky Dhanoe, who gave the Citadel series a 5-star rating said;

“What a power packed series. Priyanka Chopra is extremely wonderful. Priyanka you always make India proud no doubt, you’re made for such roles. Other cast Richard Madden & Stanley Tucci have also done amazing job… The story is good & the fight scenes are incredible. Was glued to the TV from the first few seconds. The starting of the first episode itself is so interesting. Waiting for next episodes eagerly.”

Sahil Gulliya who also rated the series with a 5-star revealed he loved the chemistry between Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden. He wrote;

“Just watched the first two episodes n it’s an amazingly choreographed stunningly done show. You can’t just blink while watching the show coz it’s so well done something is always happening. Every frame has something to offer and the chemistry between Priyanka n Richard is simply sexy one of the best pairing of this year. Can’t wait to watch the other episodes.”

Finally, Helen Ellwood rated the Citadel series a one out of five stars, while revealing that she didn’t last 20 minutes with the movie and expected more. She wrote;

“I love spy thrillers, but I didn’t last more than 20 minutes with Citadel. For a budget that huge I want character depth and fresh ideas, not exposition mumbled so fast you need subtitles and a sloppy balance between humour and action.
I didn’t really care who got unalived because I was so confused by the choppy editing and didn’t feel engaged.
It’s a generic, fast paced, cliched spy thriller and not, in my humble opinion, worth the money.
Oh, and the Jessica Rabbit style female lead who can take a punch to the jaw and still look sexy, well… come on people … you can do better than that.”

Citadel premiered with its first two episodes on April 28, exclusively on Prime Video, with the remaining episodes premiering weekly every Friday.


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