MR. MACARONI LATEST COMEDY: I caught my Hakimi step daddy | WATCH


Popular comedian and actor, Mr. Macaroni is has released another ‘Hakimi’ comedy skit.

Remember how Mr. Macaroni, also known as Daddy Wa, lost all of his properties to his mother and her “Zaddy” in his previous comedy after adopting a new investment strategy called Hakimi?

In his latest comedy skit, Mr. Macaroni caught his step daddy, Zaddy to his mother, Agba Owo Shelby making advances to another lady.

Daddy Wa saw a pretty lady and decided to approach her. Before he could get to her, his step daddy walked up to the same lady and made advances to her.

Mr. Macaroni then approached them, disrupting their conversation and confirming to the lady that Agba Owo Shelby is a wanted criminal.

He also claimed that his step daddy was owing him 60 billion.

The lady walked away, leaving Mr. Macaroni and his step daddy, Agba Owo Shelby to settle their dispute.



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