BRAIN JOTTER LATEST COMEDY: Funniest exam malpractice | WATCH


Nigerian content creator and skit maker, Brain Jotter is caught involved in exam malpractice in his latest comedy skit.

Brain Jotter, who is identified as Azubuike, begs his classmate, Zainab to assist him in cheating in the exams when the it begins.

Zainab begged him to leave her alone because her father was going to kill her if she placed second in the examination.

Azubuike continued by inquiring as to what her father would do with someone like him who finished 32nd in his class and he simply required her assistance.

When Zainab asked if he can’t read his books, he replied; “I can read. But anytime I open my book, my eyes use to close because of garri.”

She subsequently agreed to help him by allowing him to sit next to her and copy her work on the proviso that he is responsible for himself if he gets caught. He agreed, thanked her, and walked away.

Getting to the classroom, Azubuike was separated from Zainab and their plan failed.

He discovered another student in the classroom who gave him ‘expo’ to the exam questions on a sheet of paper.

Not too long after, Azubuike got caught alongside others in the classroom that he pointed out were also cheating.


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