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MR MACARONI LATEST COMEDY: Like Mother Like Daughter featuring Ngozi Nwosu | WATCH


Popular comedian and actor, Mr Macaroni, also known as Daddy Wa features Nollywood veteran actress, Ngozi Nwosu in his latest comedy skit titled, “Like Mother Like Daughter.”

Mr Macaroni approached Amaka, a lady he spotted and tried wooing her. He informed her that he already zoomed past her in his vehicle but had to zoom back as soon as he saw her because she is a so beautiful.

To further impress her, Daddy Wa requested her account number and immediately sent N500,000 to her.

Afterwards, he offered to give her a ride to wherever she was going and when they were about to leave, Amaka’s mother, Ngozi Nwosu showed up.

She scolded her daughter, Amaka for talking to a man instead of going for the errand she was sent for. Daddy Wa tried explaining but Ngozi shunned him.

Ngozi Nwosu accused Amaka of following ritualist and kidnappers. Amaka assured her that Daddy Wa was a nice man as he just sent money to her.

The actress relaxed after that and allowed them to go. Just as they were about to leave, Ngozi called her back and pleaded with her to use the money sent to her to look good for her new man.

The comedian loved the advice and sent another N500,000.

Ngozi Nwosu kept calling Amaka and Daddy Wa back, reminding her daughter of their several family problems until he ended up sending N5 million.


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