MR MACARONI LATEST COMEDY: The Disguise featuring Chidi Mokeme | WATCH


Nigerian skit maker and actor Mr Macaroni also known as Daddy Wa has released a new comedy skit titled, “The Disguise” featuring Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme.

Mr Macaroni was on the phone with one of his “freaky freaky” when his friend, Otunba walked in.

He told Otunba that he was speaking with Fave and he wanted her to “ease his disease.” Otunba and Daddy Wa further discussed how much disappointment and money they have lost to several ladies while raining curses on them.

Otunba then informed Daddy Wa of a new update. He noted that these new set of girls are not interested in money because they have enough.

The comedian also stated that they are only in need of men that are good in bed. According to Otunba, visiting these girls’ homes is the only way for them to meet them.

Daddy Wa protested the idea, stating that it will tarnish his reputation. His friend told him these ladies are worth it and advised him to go in a disguise.

Mr Macaroni finds himself into trouble when he meets Major Chidi Mokeme at the compound.


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