MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus and occasion food 5/6 | WATCH


Renowned Nigerian comedian, Mr Funny also known as Sabinus drops yet another hilarious comedy skit titled, “Sabinus and occasion food 5/6.”

In the opening scene, Sabinus was passing by a burial ceremony and the attendees were all eating Jollof rice with turkey meat.

As expected, Sabinus wouldn’t let such magnitude of enjoyment pass him by so he joined the ceremony.

The comedian, as many others who were present, actually came more for the food than the burial ceremony itself.

He grabbed himself a seat and apologized to those seated next to him for coming late. He explained that his reason for coming late was as a result of traffic.

The comic act asked who was in charge of sharing the food and one of the men seated there asked if he wanted food.

He said yes and his own Jollof rice and turkey meat was immediately brought to him. Too easy right?

Little did he know the food and the men seated next to him were beyond ordinary.


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