MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus finally becomes a big investor | WATCH


Nigerian comic act, Mr Funny, aka Sabinus becomes a big investor in his latest comedy skit.

As he drove by in a Range Rover, Sabinus spotted a woman and motioned for her to get in. The comedian lavished the lady with a lot of sweet words.

When he asked what a pretty girl like herself was doing outside in the cold weather and she replied she was looking for a job, Mr Funny said, “You cannot be looking for work when you are looking at work.”

Sabinus further added, “Nice to meet you though. God has sent me your way to uplift you. Suffer has dealt with you but I will see what I can do for you.”

The comic act made a lot of promises to the pretty lady, who revealed her name to be Annabel.

Mr Funny’s boss intercepted him along the way and stripped him of everything he was putting on.


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