DJ Blackk Beat Unveils New Single “Somebody” Featuring Lyta, Mayzee, Oaq


DJ Blackk Beat announces the release of the much awaited single titled, “Somebody” featuring Lyta, Mayzee, and OaQ.

In a long-awaited announcement, renowned DJ and music producer DJ Blackk Beats announced the upcoming release of his most recent smash song, “Somebody.”

Lyta, Mayzee, and Oaq are just a few of the outstanding musicians who will be included on this tune, which promises to be an explosive musical collaboration.

The single is scheduled to be released on June 24th, and fans can’t wait to hear it.

DJ Blackk Beat has a reputation for creating catchy melodies and contagious beats, which have allowed him to constantly generate chart-topping tunes.

The collaboration of Lyta, Mayzee, and Oaq, each renowned musicians in their own right, on “Somebody” suggests that it won’t be an exception.

A dynamic combination of genres is expected to result from the partnership, generating a new sound that will appeal to listeners all around the world.

Lyta is a popular artist and songwriter who has gained a devoted following because to his soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Millions of people have listened to his past albums, which have made him a growing star in the music business.

Mayzee, who is well-known for his engaging delivery and diverse flows, continuously dazzles audiences with his own fusion of rap and Afrobeat influences.

Oaq, a rising star, has been creating a stir with his unique sound and contagious energy.

The eagerness of fans for the release of “Somebody” is evident. As bits of the music have been posted, teasering listeners with hints of what is to come, social media platforms have been humming with rumours and anticipation.

The success history of DJ Blackk Beat has only increased the fervour, ensuring that “Somebody” is already generating a lot of talk and having high expectations.

A significant turning point in DJ Blackk Beat’s career will be reached with the release of “Somebody” on June 24.

This will confirm his status as a consummate collaborator and hitmaker. It is clear that DJ Blackk Beat, Lyta, Mayzee, and Oaq are prepared to make a lasting impression on the music industry as listeners get set to embrace this musical masterpiece.

Fans and music lovers are urged to mark their calendars for the long-awaited release of “Somebody.”

This blockbuster single promises to be an audio sensation that will certainly cause waves and leave a lasting impression on the music scene, with DJ Blackk Beat at the helm and the tremendous talents of Lyta, Mayzee, and Oaq on show.

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