MR MACARONI LATEST COMEDY: Hilda not Baci | My new cook | WATCH


Popular comedian, Mr Macaroni has released a new comedy skit inspired by Hilda Baci, the Nigerian Chef who recently broke the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking hours.

In his latest comedy skit titled, “Hilda not Baci, My new cook,” Mr Macaroni, also known as Daddy Wa employed a Calabar cook named Emabong.

He called her to the sitting room but didn’t pronounce her name properly. Emabong then corrected him on the right pronunciation of her name.

Daddy Wa warned her not to be let down because she came highly recommended.

“Because I want to test you now, if your food is very delicious, I will make you my permanent chef,” he added.

Emabong admitted that she has a wide range of culinary skills.

The comedian put her to the test by having her make noodles for him because he loves it so much.

Additionally, he instructed her to prepare noodles and hot dogs for him and his friends in the manner that he prefers.

Emabong apparently did not know what a “hot dog” was.


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