MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus avoid women and focus | WATCH


Popular skit maker and comedian, Mr. Funny also known as Sabinus has released another hilarious comedy skit titled, “Sabinus avoid women and focus.”

In his most recent skit, Sabinus requested a shopkeeper for one sachet of water and N990 in change after paying N1000.

He consented to receive N980 in change back after the vendor informed him that sachet water is now N20.

When a lady entered the same shop just as he was about to receive the water, the comedian quickly questioned the vendor for delivering him pure water when he had actually asked for bottled water.

The vendor however, went back in and brought a bottled water worth N500 and urged Sabinus to come back for his change.

The lady, who was identified as Queen, also got herself a bottled water and Sabinus offered to walk her home in an attempt to woo her.

Sabinus, while wooing her, found out Queen’s father is a Senator and owns the estate in the area.

Mr. Funny went back to the vendor when he was done to return the water only to end up buying another bottled water with his N500 change.


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