Josh2Funny congratulates Hilda Baci, welcomes her officially to the club of record breakers


Nigerian comedian, Chibuike Josh Alfred popularly known as Josh2Funny has congratulated Hilda Baci on her cook-a-thon to break the Guinness World record for “longest cooking marathon by an individual.”

Josh2Funny, in a funny video on his Facebook official page, welcomed Hilda Baci to the club of record breakers which has been part of for a while now.

He stated that he needed to congratulate the chef as the fastest reader in the world and the fastest rapper in the world.

The comedian also revealed that he had no support during his time as Hilda did but regardless, he pulled through.

Josh2Funny promised to break her record to become the fastest cook. He suggested a WhatsApp group for the league of World record breakers and setters as himself, Hilda, Kaffy and Usain Bolt.



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