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AFRIQ Pick: Top 20 Nicest American Celebrities

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Nicest American Celebrities: It pays to be good and kind to your fans as a celebrity, I believe most would agree with me on that. It shows an act of selflessness and humility to regard your fans and other people despite status, fortune and fame.

which is why in this post, we shall be discussing 20 of this category of celebrities. keep scrolling as we get into it.

1. Hugo Jackman

We start the countdown with the charming and charismatic Hugo Jackman. The internet star has been known to be affectionate towards a lot of his fans and supporters. Videos about him getting really

interactive with his fans can be spotted all over social

2. George Clooney

Another charismatic character on our list would be Gorge Clooney. The Lexington, Kentucky-born actor seems to be enthusiastic about helping. This can be seen through his generous donations to many charitable

organizations and his involvement in supporting many governmental and societal causes. All these can be regarded as admirable qualities of George Clooney towards humanitarian aid

 3. Adam Sandler

There seem to be no negative comments about the Brooklyn-born actor. He has

been known to be quite friendly to his fans. A Reddit user no needle has spoken a lot of positivity about the star.

4. Dolly Parton

The lovely free-spirited Tennessee-born superstar seems to intoxicate a lot of her fans with her infectious charm. It is difficult to not be swayed by her lively spirit especially after speaking to her in person.

The country singer has been involved in a lot of donations to charities and has also spoken about having an equality point if view when comparing everyone.

This claim has also been confirmed as it was written by Reddit user Jonica.

5. Dwayne Johnson

The former WWE superstar, now a big internet sensation, is also a family man who has never neglected tendering to his family’s needs and also hasn’t disregarded his fans.

Dwayne Johnson has been seen; taking his family and a young fan out for a fishing trip, taking his family’s luggage of the plane after a trip, attending his Teremana Tequila while surprising fans and catering to the wishes of young children.

6. Oprah Winfrey

The super star has been known to be extremely kind even off cameras which does not come as a suprise as the star has also been known to do a lot of selfless acts like; giving out automobile vehicles to her workers after her show behind the scene back when she still hosted her own talk show, because she knew that they would still stay working while she was out on holiday.

She has also been regarded as being quite approachable and nice to her fans.

7. Jennifer Lawrence

She acts very conventional when receiving awards and also whengetting coffee from her Favourite coffee spot. The American actress is also known to be kind and always entertains sighing of autographs and taking selfies with her fans in a friendly manner. She also doesn’t make a spectacle of her life and wealth on social media as other celebs do.

8. Mila Kunis

An experience shared by some fans in LAS Vegas described the star as a free-spirited individual, who freely conversed, took selfies and chatted with her fans. she was also described to have a well-polished sense of humour by them

9. Dave Chappelle

The hilarious comedian Dave Chappelle. Is also known to have a friendly approach towards his fans. This was started by a Reddit member named banked1 while playing basketball with the star. He said that he and his friend where treated out for a smoothie and was also bought new tickets for one of the comedian’s new shows.

Someone else has admitted to having a great time with Dave at a hookah bar after a show.

10. Ed Sheeran

The UK-born artist is not just characterized by his subtle and gentle tunes, but also his kindness towards his fans which can be held accounted for by the many who have mingled with him.

11. Lady Gaga

Many fans who met the music star have had nothing but great things to say about her personality.

12. Kevin Smith

A fan once admitted to having shared pie between himself and the Hollywood actor.

13. LeBron James

The NBA basketball player has reportedly been involved in a lot of charitable endeavors. In 2018 He opened a school called the 1 promise school where tuition and feeding of the students were taken care of. In addition, he also entertains selfies with his fans and signs autographs.

14. Sarah Jessica Parker

Notoriously known as a shy type, the actress despite this has related well with her fans and coworkers. She often makes out time for her fans where she highlights herself to them.

15. Kristen Wig

A fan known as w/almondmi claims to have encountered Kristen in a retail store, and she describes her as a cheerful and charismatic individual.

16. Don Cheadle

Known to be kind to his co-workers on and off set, he is also described by his fans as a kind individual. Cheadle is said to also give food tips in wholesale shops.

17. Luke Wilson

The actor is known to be a generous tipper and also generally a kind person.

18. Alison Brie

A fan described as u/tophloaf defined the star to be cheerful and with a nice sense of humour as she engaged her in a convo while at a tiny winery in Sonoma.

19. Tom Hanks

The superstar has been described by a fan known as u/Jbibby to be cheerful as he claimed to have met Tom in a wedding

20. Ryan Gosling

A fan known as MaynardJayTwa states that he and the star had met at a parking lot where they both engaged in an enlightening convo.




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