BRAIN JOTTTER LATEST COMEDY: Fastest way to understand Government | WATCH


Another hilarious classroom comedy from popular comedian, Brain Jotter titled, “Fastest way to understand Government.”

Brain Jotter told his students he will be teaching Government to those amongst them that wants to “become something in life.”

He hissed after he asked the students to repeat after him, turned to the board and wrote “Gofment.”

The comedian then asked, “Who can define Government for me.” A student replied by informing him his spelling was incorrect.

Brain Jotter asked him to give the correct spelling and the student spelt it as “Govenment.” The comedian then asked the class to give him a round of applause.

Another student said, “But sir, it’s still not correct. There’s an ‘r’ before the ‘n’.” He included the ‘r’ and asked if it is now correct and the students confirmed.

Brain Jotter then said,

“So these are the little things I do to test your IQ. Not like I don’t really know how to spell Government. I just wanted to test your IQ.”

He went on with the class and confused the entire class including defining Democracy as “Government of some people, for some people and by some people” as Nigerian definition.

Brain Jotter referred to the “some people” in this context as people that have “Bastard Money.” Watch how the comic act selected a class rep for the class following the principal’s request.


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