MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus the welfare manager featuring Timi Agbaje | WATCH


Popular comedian, Mr Funny aka Sabinus has released a new comedy skit titled, “Sabinus the welfare manager” featuring Timi Agbaje.

Sabinus went for a job interview and was asked if he was aware of what job he is applying for. He asked to be given time to check.

His interviewer, Timi, asked in shock if he didn’t know the job he came to apply for. The comedian stated that he only saw a sign saying applicant so he needs to check.

After checking and thinking he said, “care manager.” Timi then  gave him more clarity on the job.

He said,

“Your job in this company is very simple. You are the welfare officer of the company. Take care of my staffs and their needs as at when due and you take care of me.”

Mr. Funny questioned whether he had a wife and why a man should care for another man. The interviewer reprimanded him and asked whether he had come for the job or only to ask questions.

Timi Agbaje then proceeded by given Sabinus a trial. He asked the comic act to get him some tea.

In the end, it was Sabinus who drank the tea and consumed the bread.



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