MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus becomes a cult member | WATCH


Popular comedian Mr Funny aka Sabinus becomes a cult member in his latest comedy skit.

Sabinua was seen initiated into a cult group in the opening scene. During the initiation, the leader of the cult assured the comedian of his safety by just being a member of the group.

When asked why he joined the cult group, Sabinus said that his girlfriend had been snatched by  a cult member. He declared his love for her and asked for their assistance in getting her back.

The cult group’s leader gave Mr. Funny instructions to inform them if he encounters the rival cult member who snatched his girlfriend.

Not long after, Sabinus came bearing news, informing his new friends that he has found his rival. He was then asked to go drag him to their location.

Sabinus did as he was instructed and landed in more serious trouble after realizing he just dragged in the cult leader of all cults.


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