MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus food goes sour | WATCH


Popular comedian, Mr Funny, also known as Sabinus goes for an interview with heavy purge after eating bread and yam in his latest comedy skit.

Oga Sabinus apologized to his interviewer for coming late for his interview. He narrated what made him late as he pushed a vehicle from third mainland bridge to Ikoyi and forgot his suit in the commercial vehicle.

The interviewer noted that the comedian wasn’t fit for the job as he has gone through his CV and what he was looking for was an Engineer.

Mr Funny explained how he is an Engineer not by studying but as an “in-born” ability. He stated that he studied Philosophy after been rejected by several other departments.

The interviewer asked if he was sure that he has the capacity to handle their factory. Sabinus bragged further about his Engineering and ‘tapping’ skills.

After the interviewer agreed to try him out, Sabinus had a stomach upset which led to him losing the job in the end.


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