MR FUNNY LATEST COMEDY: Sabinus and his new wife featuring Tomama | WATCH


Mr Funny aka Sabinus, a renowned comedian and skit maker has released a new comedy skit titled, “Sabinus and his new wife” featuring his colleague, Tomama.

Sabinus was engaged in a heated argument with his new wife, Tomama in the opening scene. He stated in his complaint that his wife always leaves the house without his consent.

Tomama explained that she didn’t need to ask for his permission whenever she is leaves the house as she is no longer a child.

Mr Funny emphasized the importance of communication, so as to be aware of her whereabouts incase of an unfortunate or unforeseen incident.

After an elongated argument, the comedian asked his wife where she was coming from. His wife confirmed that she was coming from “widow’s meeting.”

Tomama stated that money was distributed to widows and she went to get her share.

Sabinus was surprised as he could confirm that he was very much alive.

After Mr funny heard the amount Tomama received from the meeting, he agreed to play dead in order to back his wife’s claims of being a widow.


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