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Soldiers unlawfully shoot driver in Ogun


Bolaji Sunday, a commercial driver, was shot by two unidentified soldiers and taken to the hospital after it was claimed that he had parked his car in front of the Oriental Transport Company near the Magboro Bus Stop in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.

PUNCH Metro drove there that Sunday after leaving his home to meet someone who wanted to put him in touch with a client.

Sunday parked his car when he reached the part of the group that was supposedly guarded by soldiers.

When the troop leader confronted the driver for parking there, the driver claimed that he was his route to see the person who wanted to put him in touch with his customer.

Our correspondent learned that the two soldiers requested the key to Sunday’s car and told him to sit in a gutter as he was attempting to explain the situation.

The troops arrived on Sunday and fired two of the driver’s car tires after noticing that he was still defending his actions at the scene rather than obeying the command.

The driver told our correspondent that he started running and that one of the soldiers allegedly shot him in the back as he attempted to flee in a last-ditch effort to save his life while writhing in agony on a hospital bed at the Real Divine Hospital in the Ibafo neighborhood of the Obafemi Owode LGA.

I came out on Saturday to meet the guy who will provide me the contact information for the customer I was supposed to carry on Sunday,” he stated. I then put my car in park next to the Magboro Bridge. The troop commander questioned why I had parked my bus there and asked for my key as I prepared to meet the person. Later, he instructed me to sit in the gutter.

I was only waiting for my customer; I did not steal anything. But before I knew it, they were using a belt to beat me. They fired two of my tires and damaged my windscreen when I attempted to grasp the belt. I hurriedly leaped to the ground and began to flee for my life, but the troops shot me in the back, causing me to fall into the gutter.

I started calling for assistance while in the gutter, but no one responded since they were terrified to come to my aid. Later, I received assistance from a driver who was heading to Ibadan, Oyo State. I was pulled out of the gutter by the driver, who then took me to the hospital. They shot me in the back and arm, and the bullet went through me and exited my body from the opposite side.

Sunday was spotted at the hospital and noted that he appeared pale with bandages over his neck and chest. Alongside him, around six drip containers were strung.

Oluwatosin, Sunday’s wife, expressed sorrow over her husband’s condition and claimed that despite her husband’s pleadings with the troops to let him drive the car away from the scene, they allegedly refused and shot him.

“My husband just wanted to get the number of one of his clients at the spot where he parked his car,” she remarked. However, the troops unexpectedly appeared and told him to sit in the gutter.

“I questioned what he did wrong; he begged them to let him drive his bus away from the scene, but the soldiers broke his tires right after. My husband was shot by the military when he attempted to flee. His windscreen was also smashed by the military.

Later, our correspondent went to the attack’s scene to interview witnesses.

A motorcyclist identified only as Jubril suggested that the troops might be watching over a company near the Magboro Bridge and added that Sunday had unintentionally parked close to the company.

The driver shouldn’t have argued with the soldiers, he continued. If I were the one, I would simply pleadingly go. I don’t blame the driver and I don’t agree with the soldiers’ actions, but I don’t believe Sunday should have gotten into a fight with them.

Omolola Odutola, the state police public relations officer, responded to the development by saying that attempts were being made to find the evading soldier who had shot the victim.

The incident happened near the Magboro Bus Stop, where Oriental Transport Company typically parks its cars, the woman claimed. Bolaji Sunday, 35, was dismissed by one of the company’s troops after they demanded that he move the car he had parked in front of them. There was an argument that followed.

The Divisional Police Officer is in contact with Sunday at the hospital, where he was rushed to receive treatment. Residents were encouraged to maintain their composure while efforts are made to find the unidentified fleeing soldier because police have not yet received any additional information about the true cause of that level of provocation.

Lt. Colonel Olabisi Ayeni, the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army’s spokesperson, promised to learn more about the situation and come back to our correspondent when he was contacted on Monday.



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