BRT Collision

Train/BRT Collision: Outrage as Video of Victims Being Treated on Floor Emerges

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Following the train and BRT bus collision in Lagos State on Thursday morning, concerns about the lack of adequate medical facilities in the nation have grown once more.

AFRIQPulsetv reports that the train collided with the Lagos State Government bus with three people reported dead and several others injured.

The victims of the train and bus collision were seen being treated on the ground outside the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital in a video that surfaced online.

The general hospital received immediate attention for the injured victims.

It is well known that there are never enough beds available at LASUTH, and this has sparked reactions among many online users.

i_am_adaiah wrote: “When they tell you that they are building smart city mega Lagos, ask them how?”

priscillia_oluchi_ wrote: “Accident victims being laid on the floor? Hospital beds? Ha! Health care sector is Nigeria is another pandemic after bad governance. RIP to the dead.”

geenafoodiesandspice wrote: “This is the Nigeria we pray everyday not to happen to us…. There are so many important things in this country that needs to be done than giving N10k monthly to people we don’t see. Health care is Zero! This is not even an earthquake. Accident and they have to be treated outside… posterity will not be kind to these generation of leaders.”

lawalakin wrote: “This is an emergency guys, you resuscitate and stabilise patient first before you start thinking about comfortable bed spaces for them. Don’t bring politics into everything”

olatilewami wrote: “Imagine with all the na we own Lagos, Health care is zero. I pray they recover fast”

becca.ville wrote: “Does Lagos not have a traffic emergency ? room why on the floor, mehn this country eh, if you no sabi pray, start now, anytime you leave the house commit your going out and coming in to God, because Nigeria must not happen to anyone ooo”

krisasimonye wrote: “On the floor for God sake”

chikajude80 wrote: “See health care for inside the same state when tinubu build o”

fadirano wrote: “See the country with highest GDP in Africa and 65% of the capital coming from Lagos…..See the way people are suffering, no proper emergency infrastructure and all these politicians building mansions everywhere…buying private jets…..Nigerian wake up”

susy.licious1 wrote: “I guess there’s not enough bed space inside the hospital”



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