2023: Akwa Ibom residents turn Peter Obi ‘Obidient’ march into Carnival (Video)

A massive turnout as Peter Obi’s fans ‘Obidients’ march the streets of Akwa Ibom today.

Just like every other states showing support for the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Akwa Ibom people took it to the streets of Uyo the state capital to show their love and solidarity for Peter Obi.

The mammoth crowd came out dressed in colourful attires, parading and dancing the streets of Uyo, also exhibiting some wonderful and entertaining display.

Watch video here:

some netizens have reacted to the colourful and beautiful displays from the people of Akwa Ibom.

Here are some of the reactions:

Akwa ibom have turned Obi movement to Brazil carnival.

Don’t dare us

Nigerians are beautiful people,very colorful and naturally happy people we can’t ask for more..#obidatti2023

Akwa Ibom, small match wey everybody dey do, e reach una turn, una turn am to carnival. No be say dem dey do things 🥵😭💕🔥


See below for some photos from the event:




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