Hilda Baci shares number of years it took before attempting Guinness World Record (Video)

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The well-known Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, provided information on the length of time it took to make the decision to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking period.

She admitted that five years ago, she had thought of breaking the record, but the time wasn’t right as circumstances weren’t favourable at that time. This was disclosed in an interview with TVC on Thursday.

Hilda Baci persisted in delaying it until 2023, when everything went smoothly and she succeeded with more than 100 hours, breaking the previous record of 87 hours.

In her words;

“I thought about it five years ago, but then it wasn’t the right time.

“I still had to go on a journey of self-discovery as well before I got to this point where I could confidently say, ‘oh I am ready to do this. I can afford to pay for it and I have the right team that will come together to make it happen’.”

Watch the video below:


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