Policemen brutalize young man, threaten to end his life over N100 bribe (Video)

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A group of Nigerian policemen have been captured on camera beating up a young man in Delta State who allegedly refused to give them bribe.

According to reports, the man was detained at the checkpoint by the cops, but he refused to pay the customary pass price of 100 naira.

The officers were reported to have collected the man’s car documents as well as his car plate numbers.

The armed policeman swooped down on him as the young man approached them to ask that they return the items to him.

One of the officers could be seen in the video pulling out a dagger from its scabbard, threatening to end his life.

The young man was soon attacked by another, who struck him with sticks and prompted additional officers to surround him.

Passersby and other motorist who appeared to be afraid to interfere stared on helplessly.

Watch video below:

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