Lola Simone Rock

Who is Lola Simone Rock? Wiki, Biography, Net worth, Father, Husband, Kid, Family, Age, Height, and More


Gen Z’s Lola Simone Rock is a rising star with a lot of potential. She started her artistic career at a young age and enjoys traveling.


She is the child of Mallak Crompton and Chris Rock.

She has a great personality, a spectacular dancer, a strong sense of humour, and exceptional acting abilities. She has been able to advance her professional career in acting, dancing, and other fields as a result.

Lola has assured the world, among other things, that she is on the rise and will soon be a well-known celebrity. Despite being only 19 years old, she has accomplished a lot. Not only as the daughter of Chris Rock, but also as Lola Simone Rock, she has left a lasting impression.

Little Lola Simone Rock and family

Being the daughter of a Hollywood star has given Lola Simone exposure since she was young and allowed her to pursue a career in show business.


The database currently contains no additional information about Lola Simone Rock’s professional life. Her career is still in its early stages for her. But Lola Simone Rock is a foodie and a food blogger. She has a special Instagram account for her culinary creations called @greygoupongirl. She enjoys cooking and food presentations that are artistically prepared.

Net Worth

The current state of Lola Simone Rocks’ finances is unknown. However, when taking into account her father’s net worth with about 40% (1/3 rd) shares, she has a net worth of about $25 million. She resides in a $3 million home in Brooklyn, New York, with her family. In addition to this, she has a total net worth of about $40 million when taking into account her mother’s wealth.

In addition to performing her gigs, Lola Simone Rock makes money by blogging about food.


The artist Lola Simone is incredible. She has a sweet personality, though, and she also values her family. Please read this to learn more about her life.


Lola Simone Rock was born on 28th June 2002, and her star sign is Cancer. She shares her birthday with Elon Musk. She was born in New York City, New York. Her family lives in Brooklyn, South Carolina, and Alpine.

Height & Ancestry

She is Tall and has American citizenship. Lola Simone’s father, Chris Rock, is African-American, while her mother is of Afro-Bahamian descent. Her mother’s ancestry goes back to English, Irish, and the Iroquois Native American.


Lola Simone’s Father is Chris Rock, and their mother is Mallack Crompton. Her parents have been quite supportive of her career ever since she was a kid. So Lola’s star personality is something that she had from childhood.

Lola Simone Rock, father; Chris Rock and sister, Zahra

Everybody knows about her father, Chris Rock, an American stand-up comedian, film director, producer, actor, etc. However, on the other hand, her mother, Mallack Crompton, is a Humanitarian Activist.


Lola Simone Rock’s parents were divorced in 2016. Their divorce is unknown; however, Chris Rock was found guilty of being disloyal to his spouse. Nevertheless, he embraced the divorce and shared a revelation of the possible things that can go wrong in a marriage.

He learned about his mistakes and admitted that he lacked the quality of being a good husband to his ex-wife Mallack Crompton.

She has two siblings, Zhara Savannah Rock and Ntombi. Lola Simone is two years older than her sister Zhara. Ntombi is Lola’s adopted sister and is younger than Lola and Zhara.

There is currently no information about the relationship status of Lola Simone Rock. She has no kids and is unmarried.


Apart from dancing, modeling, acting, and singing, Lola has some other hobbies as well. She loves documenting her food creations and posting them on social media handles. Lola is a person who is not quite active on Social media and loves spending time in real conversations.

Lola loves adventurous activities and traveling. She is known to have an exploration spirit making her move far from her home to countries like Thailand and more. She also chose to complete her higher education in Europe.


Lola is an all-rounder. Despite being extra-curricular and focusing on her dance career, she is a straight-A student. She graduated from High School in 2020 and will be completing her Higher Education in Europe. Her mother was quite proud of her achievements.


  • Lola Simone also goes by the name Lola Simone Rock.
  • She has custody of both her parents.
  • She has an adopted sister.
  • She is studying in Europe for her higher education.
  • She is a chef and a food blogger.
  • She loves her little sisters more than anything.
  • She loves performing.
  • She is not active on social media.


  1. Did Lola Simone get her mother’s custody after their parent’s divorce?

    No, Lola Simone got shared custody of her mother and father.

  2. Does Lola Simone have a boyfriend?

    Lola Simone is currently single and is not in any relationships.

  3. Does Lola Simone have a dog?

    Information is currently unavailable if Lola Simone is a dog or cat person.

  4. Is Lola Simone a family person?

    Yes, Lola Simone loves being around her family and enjoys family get-togethers more than anything.

  5. Who are Lola Simone’s parents?

    Lola Simone’s mother is Mallack Crompton, and her father is Chris Rock.

  6. Which middle school does Lola Simone go to?

    The information is currently unavailable in the database.

  7. Is Lola Simone a New Yorker?

    Lola was born in New York. However, her parents moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

  8. Is Lola Simone Rock is not on TikTok?

    No, Lola Simone is on TikTok.

  9. Does Lola Simone have a sibling?

    Lola Simone Rock has two younger siblings.

  10. Who handles Lola Simone’s social media handles?

    Lola Simone Rock handles her Instagram account.

  11. How old is Lola Simone?

    Lola Simone Rock is currently 19 years old (as of 2022).

  12. Is Lola Simone Rock active on Instagram?

    Lola Simone Rock is not active on Instagram or other social media handles. Except she focuses on her Instagram food page @greygoupongirl.

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