9 Nigerian celebrities accused of romance with Apostle Johnson Suleman

9 Nigerian celebrities accused of romance with Apostle Johnson Suleman

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In recent years, several accusations have been made on sex scandals involving Apostle Johnson Suleman, Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries.

One of the first allegations was on 12th March 2017, where an usher from his Church identified as Queen Esther claimed she was in a sexual relationship with Apostle Suleman in 2013 before they broke out a year later.

These allegations came in shortly after a lady, Stephanie Otobo, first accused him of same thing.

Most recently, Nollywood Actresses have also been included amongst the ladies that have had a “sexual relationship” with Apostle Suleman.

Here is a list of some of them:

Halima Abubakar

Nollywood Actress, Halima Abubakar, confirmed on 24th July 2022 after a Controversial blogger, Gistlover posted images and videos accusing the actress of being in a relationship with the Nigerian Cleric, Apostle Suleman.

The blogger also revealed the names of several other Celebrities allegedly involved with Apostle Suleman.

A couple of hours after the rumors circulated online, Halima Abubakar said via her Instagram story that it would be disastrous if she spoke to confirm the rumors.

She posted:

“If i talk, Nigeria will close


Furthermore, Halima Abubakar warned that if anyone tried to intimidate her with pointless comments, she would reveal additional secrets on social media.


Shan George

Nollywood Veteran Actress, Shan George wasn’t left out in the list presented by the blogger, Gistlover on the sex scandal with Apostle Suleman.

After the accusation, she reacted with a post on her Instagram page denying every claims on her relationship with the Cleric.

She however stated Apostle Johnson Suleman is one of the kindest and straightforward person she knows.

She wrote:

“One of the kindest and straight forward persons I kno is Apostle Johnson Suleiman. Just like in his numerous sermons, he says it blunt as it is, and that’s something I respect in pple. Not everything is about intimacy.


As for Gistlover, he’s one person I’ve never met but hv a lot of respect for as well. Bcos hr speaks for d downtrodden and don’t care if bullet hits him. Me I no fit deny my pple wey I respect. But I never at anytime dated  the Apostle. I be water, I no get enemy. #positivevibesonly#onelove,”

Queen Nwokoye

Nollywood Actress, Queen Nwokoye also reacted to the allegations levelled against her by the blogger, Gistlover, claiming she’s part of the Celebrities that sleeps with Apostle Johnson Suleman.

On 26th July 2022, she posted a video on her Instagram page where reacting to the post where she denied all allegations.

She also stated that the Cleric is a good man and nothing will make her deny knowing him

She wrote:

It is a Nigerian thing to always assume that once you know someone, you are sleeping with the person but that one concern una. I have met a lot of people, and I will still meet more and I do not owe anyone any apologies for people I have met and associated with. Pastor Suleman is a good man.

“Nothing will make me deny knowing him. You choose the kind of relationship you want to have with someone and all friendships mustn’t end in bed. So if you have a problem with him, settle it with him. Don’t recruit innocent people into your mess. I will never allow myself to be used to make Pastor Suleman look bad Perioddddd,”

Georgina Onuoha

Nigerian Movie Star turned Nurse, Georgina Onuoha, also took part in the allegations of dating Apostle Suleman.

Reacting to the rumors, Onuoha thought it was absurd that the list of people who had affairs with the pastor included her name.

She wrote:

“Woke up feeling blissful ??. Lord thank you for the wonders of my being. I have noticed miscreants coming on my page leaving stupid comments. I will warn you, if you bring your stupidity to my page Ogun will kii  you. The Amadioha that will strike you is doing push up. I live my soft life in the most decent way possible.”

Vivian Metchie

Nollywood Igbo Actress, Vivian Metchie was also involved in Gistlover’s list as one of Apostle Suleman’s Celebrity Girlfriends.

She reacted to these allegations on 25th July 2022 stating that she has never met the Cleric but the Apostle Johson Suleman has aided her financially when she needed money to take care of her children.

She wrote:

For this vawulence republic. I am a bonafide citizen. I see my name on the list. With my full chest, the person that wrote my name on the list is a liar from the pit of hell. I have never seen Johnson Suleman in person.

“Many years ago, when I was going through my wilderness with my small children and crying to God, he reached out to me, dashed me money yes. I agree. The money helped me solve plenty of things at that time o. And for which I’m thankful to him till today. But I have never met him in person and that’s my truth.

“Anybody wey claim otherwise make he bring recipet. If not na Ogun go kill the person. Just one time he helped me come mean say I sleep with am? But how?”

Angela Okorie

Nollywood Actress, Angela Okorie was also involved in the sex scandal with the President of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

She reacted to these accusations daring the blogger to reveal his/her identity.

She wrote:

“I like vawulence but I got to see the person face to face so that the vawulence go sweet to watch”.

Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, also responded to rumors that she had affairs with Apostle Suleman.

She had also been involved in the ongoing sex scandal with the Clergyman.

In her reaction, Iyabo Ojo posted a video of her stating that she’s unbreakable, unshakable and immovable.

She wrote:


Daniella Okeke

As stated earlier, a lady identified as Stephanie Otobo revealed she had a sexual relationship with Apostle Suleman.

Amidst her statement, she also revealed that the Controversial Nollywood Actress, Daniella Okeke was also having an affair with the Cleric.

She said Mr. Suleman bought the curvy actress a $76,000 brand-new Mercedes-Benz 450 GL and a N160 million duplex in Mende Maryland, Lagos, while they were allegedly in a relationship.

Daniella on her Instagram page reacted to these allegations saying she will let her Lawyers do the talking and also promised that alot of people will go down  for getting her name involved in what is not her business.

She wrote:

“In adherence to my lawyers counsels, I’ve been mute since I read some funny fallacies. My lawyers will do the talking.

“But for sure a lot of people will go down for getting my name involved in something I had no business with. So be careful about what you say or write. My being mute is for legal reasons.”

Chioma Ifemeludike

Although, many other celebrities sharing same accusations of having an affair with Apostle Suleman denied or refuted the claims, Nollywood Actress, Chioma Ifemeludike accepted that she have had sex with the Cleric twice and was paid for it.

She also revealed on her official Instagram page that her colleague in the movie industry, Lynda-Clems Bishop hooked her up with the Cleric.

She also said she regrets all of her actions even though she wasn’t aware he was prominent at the time of their Intimacy.

She said:

“Dear @lyndaclems, I have to tell the world about that hookup you arranged between @johnson_suleman_official and myself on the 20th November 2016 in a hotel at Ikeja, the Apostle secretly gave me his number and we had a second meeting at Oriental Hotels Lagos.

“I’m sorry my conscience can’t hold it anymore. I encourage you to tell the truth as a mother and a Christian, to put the devil to shame and save millions of souls being misled. To my family and friends, I am sorry, don’t judge me. Please pray for me so the light of God will continue to expose every work of darkness in my life and the church of God.”


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