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NDLEA nabs Abia drug dealer, seizes 1.217 kilos of drugs

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On Wednesday, a combined taskforce team from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and Abia State Homeland Security apprehended more than five alleged drug dealers and seized various substances valued at more than 1.217 kilos.

The late “Joekin Jagwa’s” daughter Adaobi Nweke was arrested during a joint team raid at 23 Arochukwu/Calabar Road in Umuahia on February 14, 2023, and a significant amount of drugs were retrieved, Chukwunenye Alajemba, the governor’s senior special assistant for homeland security, revealed this to reporters in Umuahia on Thursday.

He listed the drugs that were found as follows: “321 satchets (500 grams) of dried weeds; 214 wraps (400 grams) of loud weed; 570 pinches of cocaine and some loose quantities, which is approximately 150.5 grams; 310 pinches (37.8) grams of heroin; and 129.1 grams of methamphetamin ice, all totalling 1.217 kilograms.” Two men and three women were among the suspects that were taken into custody.

He claimed that the combined team also stormed a notorious area in Umuahia known as “Down Below,” where drugs were found in an unidentified quantity at a well-known hotel. Those who were arrested were still being questioned.

Alajemba revealed that Adaobi, a purported lawyer, had been involved in drug sales for more than 20 years. He also expressed gratitude to Amos Adelenwa, the state director of the NDLEA, for his assistance, but regretted that drug use was “the root cover of kidnapping and other crimes.”

He claimed that because “no drug lord is allowed in the state,” Governor Alex Otti had issued a warning to all of the state’s criminals, telling them to stop their illicit activities or risk becoming like Adaobi.

“Abia is not a safe home for criminals,” he said, praising the NDLEA and advising parents to alert their kids against unlawful activities.

The Deputy Governor, Ikechukwu Emetu, cautioned lawbreakers not to come to the state because “drugs cannot develop the state” and that “the time is now.” Nobody will be able to save you when we come for you, so leave the state.

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