Public outrage grows as kidnapping epidemic worsens

Public outrage grows as kidnapping epidemic worsens


Concern about the nation’s growing level of insecurity increased on Thursday as concerned parties called for the Federal Government to take severe measures against kidnappers.

The National Association of Nigeria Students, South-South governors, the Supreme Council for Sharia, and citizens of impacted communities provided advice to the Federal Government regarding the abduction crisis.

Formerly confined to the North-West, abductions have recently extended to other regions of the nation, such as the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos, Ogun, and Delta states.

When 23 people were abducted by bandits last week in the Bwari neighborhood of the federal capital, the situation reached a breaking point.

In an attempt to combat the threat, the Federal Government issued a warning on Wednesday regarding the gathering of money for ransom payments.

The South-South governors expressed worry on Thursday on the kidnapping epidemic and urged the Federal Government to take greater action in managing security in the nation.

The governors noted that the meeting—the first of this new dispensation—became essential to address and propose solutions to the major problems confronting the region at their meeting on Thursday in Benin, Edo State. The meeting was chaired by Governor Godwin Obaseki, the group’s new chairman.

The governors stated that the summit was conducted at a pivotal moment in Nigerian history since the nation is facing significant problems in a communiqué that Obaseki read.

“In light of this, the South-South region must redefine its place and roles in the economic development of Nigeria and for the benefit of our people,” the governors declared.

“Engage the Federal Government on the development of key infrastructure in the region, particularly roads, rail development, and the decentralization and rehabilitation of seaports in the region as well as management of security in the country at large,” the governors further said.

Additionally, President Bola Tinubu was urged on Thursday by the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria to use all available resources against those who are escalating national instability.

Following their private meeting at Aso Rock Villa in Abuja, Vice President of the Council Dr. Bashir Umar told State House correspondents that Tinubu was asked to “expedite action to cushion the effect of the hard economic decisions that were taken and also to request that he brings out everything that is in the arsenal to face the problem of insecurity and to also achieve food security.

Regarding the nation’s security, the National Association of Nigerian Students demanded the proclamation of a state of emergency.

Oladimeji Uthman, the student Senate body’s clerk, revealed this to The PUNCH over the phone on Thursday.

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