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Chris Hemsworth returns for Netflix’s expanding Extraction franchise, his muppety-handsome features twisted into an expression of resolve with a soupçon of compassion.

He appears as though wound up by a large key placed into the gap between his shoulder blades.

Hemsworth reprises his role as Tyler Rake, the tough guy mercenary with a golden heart who we kind of assumed was dead at the end of the previous movie but turns out to have been just very very unwell, in the latest action film from screenwriter Joe Russo and director Sam Hargrave.

After spending some time in a posh, private hospital in Dubai, Tyler is restored to health and is flown in to save his ex-wife’s sister and her children from her abusive Georgian mob-boss husband.

The film opens with the discovery and remediation of Rake’s quasi-corpse. (That ex-wife must have a lot of money, incidentally, to support this sort of enterprise.)

Although kicking ass isn’t exactly Golshifteh Farahani’s strong suit, his handler Nik (back in the picture) is performing a lot more actual combat this time, including close-quarters martial arts manoeuvres and stabbing bad men in the leg with a little serrated knife.

Additionally, our hero frequently hangs from the sides of extremely tall, elegant buildings.

Our hero also does a fair bit of dangling off the side of very tall sleek glass towers, although it isn’t in the Tom Cruise league.

Idris Elba makes a brief appearance as the person who hires Tyler for this new position and Olga Kurylenko makes a brief appearance as Tyler’s ex-wife, who is still upset with Tyler’s less-than-ideal behaviour throughout their marriage.

The previous Extraction was amusing enough, but this second one is solely focused on extracting money in a cynical manner.

Release Date

Extraction 2 is to be released on 16 June on Netflix.


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