Premier league boss accused of alleged rap

Premier League boss questioned by police over alleged rape


Police have questioned a Premier League manager under caution in relation to the alleged rape of a teenage girl, although it is still unclear if they will press charges or not.

AFRIQPulsetv reports that the Premier League club manager is being questioned on a rape claim from the past.

The person is being questioned about the alleged rape of a teenage girl under caution after the Metropolitan Police first learned of the claim in a criminal complaint 21 months ago.

The accused went to a police station last Monday with his attorney freely and was interrogated there without being detained. Before deciding whether to charge the person or take no further action, inquiries are still being conducted.

A police statement said: “On Thursday, September 23, 2021, the Met received a crime report regarding an historic rape allegation. On Monday, June 12, a man was interviewed under caution at a police station.’’

It’s likely that the accused first encountered the complainant when she applied for job at the club where he was employed at the time of the alleged offense. He disputes the assertion, according to The Sun

Former Met Det Supt Michael Hames, a specialist sex crimes investigator, said: “With historic complaints in general, you lose potential evidence which could have been obtained earlier. Very often it becomes one person’s word against another’s.”

A source told The Sun: “He is shocked by the allegation and totally refutes it.” It also added: “The allegation goes back quite a few years when the complainant met the suspect after she applied for a job at a place he was involved with. She was a teenage girl at the time and is now a mature woman.”

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