Tanzanian schoolgirls out of school

Report: Over 40,000 Tanzanian schoolgirls out of school due to pregnancy


Between July 2021 and June 2022, 42,954 schoolgirls dropped out because they became pregnant.

This is according to the latest report issued by Tanzania’s Controller and Auditor General on Monday.

The CAG report for 2021-2022, tabled in parliament in Dodoma, stated that of the 42,954 impregnated schoolgirls, 23,009 were from secondary schools and 19,945 were from primary schools.

According to the report, impregnated secondary schoolgirls accounted for 28% of the 82,236 girls scheduled to complete their ordinary-level education in 2021.

According to the report, the impregnated schoolgirls came from 19 local government authorities across the country.

The secondary schools with the highest number of impregnated schoolgirls, according to the report, were in Kinondoni municipality in the Dar es Salaam region, with 4,652 girls.

This report said followed by the Newala district council in the Mtwara region with 3,783 girls and the Misungwi district council in the Mwanza region with 2,570 girls.

For the primary schools, Kwimba district council in the Mwanza region had the highest number of impregnated schoolgirls during the period under review with 9,045 girls, followed by Uvinza district council in the Kigoma region with 2,172 girls, said the report.

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