Iheris University Scholarship, Michael Auta Exposed!

Engr. Michael Auta Breaks Barriers: Funds 100 Scholarships to Transform Southern Kaduna Education Landscape

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  • Iheris University Scholarship, Michael Auta Exposed!
  • Engr. Michael Auta’s 100% scholarship propels Southern Kaduna students to Iheris University, Togo.
  • Amidst baseless accusations, social media photos and videos showcase the matriculation ceremony at Iheris University, where renowned Prof. Hosea Mande from Kaduna State University validates the authenticity of Engr. Auta’s scholarship scheme

Your grades and degrees don’t reflect your true education. True education reveals self-potential, more than just sows ideas. In school, we learn to think alike, but true education is to learn how to think differently. A true education prepares one not only for living but also for life.

Prior to the 2023 elections, the Southern Kaduna Senatorial seat contestant, under the platform of the opposition Labour party, a giant philanthropist and Real Estate Mogul, civil engineer by discipline, declared his intentions to sponsor 100 students spread across the eight local government areas of the Senatorial district which cuts across all tribal and religious entities.

Since education is the strongest weapon we can use to conquer illiteracy and empower future generations, Engr Auta, in his own words, said the scholarship is 100% sponsored to Iheris University in Togo, which covers International passport expenses, flight tickets, accommodation, feeding allowance, books, handouts, medical bills and tuition fees.

This has never been heard of in the history of Kaduna State’s politics; beyond opposition, a lot of people saw this as an impossible task; probably, the Senatorial candidate just wanted to gain more votes.

Iheris University Scholarship, Michael Auta Exposed!
Some students at the matriculation ceremony at Iheris University

Meanwhile, a lot of negative assumptions have been flying the grassroots and internet blue space, manufacturing falsehood that the students who left Kafanchan on the Senatorial election eve were camped in Abuja. Merchants of lies also rumoured that the students got to Togo but were not in School.

Amidst the silence, photos and videos flooded the social media space, capturing the renowned Prof. Hosea Mande, of Kaduna State University at Iheris University, in the heart of the Country’s capital in Lome, Togo, where he went to witness the Matriculation of the said Southern Kaduna Students who are under the Engr. Michael Auta’s scholarship scheme.

Not long ago, some paid merchants of half-baked social media lame and lapdogs belonging to a group of treacherous politicians in the same web of the LP, were scandalizing and impregnating the people with prescribed abortion pills that the said Scholarship was just a mere premier show of deception to win the mandate of the good people of Kaduna South senatorial district, before the build up of the 2023 general elections.

Indeed, it’s being a moment of reflection amongst Southern Kaduna elites, emphasizing on how the 40year old, new kid on the block, a new cat, has dared to change a narrative, which they couldn’t influence over the decades? If there is anything to expose, it would be the fact that, Engr. Michael Ayuba Auta, is a trailblazer, an impact maker, a man who has a heart for the Southern Kaduna youth beyond the usual. A Netizen States “In 2 years time, Southern Kaduna, will have a massive return of 95 graduates, all because of one man, who against all odds, double~dared to change the narrative.

Iheris University Scholarship, Michael Auta Exposed!
Some students at the matriculation ceremony at Iheris University

To further palatalized the sweetness in our hearts, take this; with fall in full swing and everyone settled into a back-to~School routine and that mile-long School supplies list just a distant memory you may be running on auto-pilot as we head into the chaos of the holiday season. Still, we can all agree that the opportunity to learn and grow through education is an incredible season of life, even with all the busyness life throws at us. Hopefully, with the right amount of curiosity and drive, a season that lasts a lifetime, will unveil a new day in the historical pages of Southern Kaduna.

“God bless Engr. (Dr). Michael Auta”.
(Garkuwan Matasan Arewa)

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