Popular skit maker, Brain Jotter is a house agent in Lagos in his latest comedy skit titled, “Traditional Security.”

A Native Doctor is seen in the opening scene dancing and chanting in Igbo language. Brain Jotter walks in with two other persons.

The comedian hits the Native Doctor out of the way while showing a house to the people he came with. While surprised, the Native Doctor asked; “How dare you? You are not afraid of me. I am going to show you,” and walks of the scene.

Brain Jotter then asked how he intends to show him when he won’t be the one to stay in the compound.

Ekwitos, one of the two that came with the comic act asked in confusion what that was all about.

Brain Jotter said in part; “Tada. Welcome to the Lavish Levish Homes. In this home, you get premium serene environment, maximum security, you get everything you need. It is a fully detached apartment. You will love it. Trust me.”

When Ekwitos pointed out that she wasn’t looking at a fully detached duplex as he said, Brain Jotter said; “This is a fully detached duplex. It is fully detached from your enemies, from sorrow and from pain.”

She then asked again who the Herbalist was and Brain Jotter stated that he is the security operative.

He also noted that they didn’t want casualties that is why they opted for a Herbalist. He also said he knows they wanted a fully furnished apartment but he thought they needed a success story that’s why he brought them to the house to furnish it themselves.

Find out what happens when the Herbalist returned after Ekwitos asked for her Inspection fee from Brain Jotter.


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